United World Wrestling


To be the best accessory for Wrestlers and for the sport of Wrestling


To promote and develop Wrestling in all its styles in all continents


United World Wrestling acts in favour of the practice of Wrestling, in the spirit of its traditions and in accordance with the requirements of the Olympic Charter.

Its aims are, in particular:

  • To encourage the development of all Wrestling styles and to promote the Sport in all countries of the world;

  • To provide support and technical assistance to all countries;

  • To contribute to the development of friendly relationships between the wrestlers and between the National Federations;

  • To establish and disseminate the international rules for the different Wrestling styles and exercise control over Wrestling throughout the affiliated National Federations (Affiliated Members) and Associated Members;

  • To supervise the application of Wrestling rules and regulations at Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cups, Continental competitions and all international events which are held under the control of the Federation;

  • To designate, select, train and control international referees, coaches and managers;

  • To represent the sport of Wrestling and to protect its interests within the Olympic Movement, in particular at the International Olympic Committee and other relevant sports associations or organizations;

  • To fight against any kind of political, racial, religious, gender-based and sexual orientation discrimination.

  • To protect the integrity of the sport and promote fair play.

  • To take any necessary measures to protect Athletes from any form of abuse and harassment.

  • To promote sustainability and the protection of the environment.


Unity – Passion – Integrity


Strategic objectives

Our most important first moves: 2020-2023

  • To develop and institutionalize the delivery of high-level membership services from the UWW headquarters.
  • To reinforce digitalization processes across the entire organisation, including the interaction with and support to Member Federations.
  • To initiate a comprehensive program on both international and regional level focusing on the further development of Beach Wrestling and other strategic styles.
  • To enhance the cooperation with both potential and appointed host cities of international Wrestling events.

Our most important next moves: 2024-2027

  • To reinforce the support to and coordination of various styles of Wrestling in order to have create a comprehensive global system and calendar for all major styles of Wrestling.
  • To continue the development of international, regional and national Youth Wrestling events.
  • To further develop and enhance the support of Member Federations using next generation digital communication and administration tools.
  • To secure the move to next level of all major international Wrestling events by securing a range of new commercial partnerships.

NB: the UWW strategic objectives for both 2020-23 and 2024-27 will be discussed and subsequently refined via a comprehensive consultation process during first part of 2020. This consultation process will involve a wide range of internal and external stakeholders with results being presented at the UWW Ordinary Congress in September 2020.