High Performance Training Centres

United World Wrestling operates several High-Performance training centres around the world. These centres provide training for athletes year-round and have the task of developing international wrestling talent to its full potential. In our main centres, we welcome athletes supported by Olympic Solidarity and other key Strategic Partners. 

A number of centres are affiliate with United World Wrestling for training:

The Kuortane Olympic Training Center has long operated in developing top international athletes while maintaining world class conditions and know-how. 65 years of experience gives them excellent qualifications to serve international, top-level sports customers.

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United World Wrestling Women's Training Camp in the Kourtane Olympic Training Center was featured in the July 2019 Issue of the Association of Sport Performance Centers Update.

ASPC Update July 2019


The European wrestling centre UWW/CELA in Sofia not only provides excellent high performance trainings but also a 2-year education program which offers a diploma recognized in European Union and other countries.

Contact: Ms. Vanya Kazazyan, Executive Assistant to Executive Committee of UWW-Europe

T. +359 2 930 05 19
UWW-Europe Office
75 “Vassil Levski”Blvd.
1040 Sofia, Bulgaria 
[email protected]


UWW training centre in Africa provides all-in-one service for athletes to live and train in a safe and comfortable environment.


The National Olympic Sports Center complex offers state of the art facilities and high performance wrestling training, and coaches and referees education programs.

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The American Wrestling Centre UWWA in Guatemala City was created not only for the High-Performance training of the elite athletes but also for the development and promotion of Wrestling in the American continent.