Zelimkhan KHADJIEV Suspended for Anti-Doping Violation

By United World Wrestling Press

CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY, Switzerland (July 6) -- In accordance with Article 14.3 of the United World Wrestling Anti-Doping Rules (“UWW ADR”), the UWW hereby reports that the Athlete Zelimkhan KHADJIEV (France) has committed an Anti-Doping Rule Violation under Article 2.1 of the UWW ADR – Presence of a Prohibited Substance or its Metabolites or Markers in an Athlete’s Sample.

The sample collected from the athlete on 21 September 2019 during the UWW Senior World Championship 2019 has revealed the presence of the prohibited substance trimetazidine, listed under  S.4 Hormone and Metabolic Modulators of the 2019 and 2020 WADA Prohibited Lists and prohibited at all times.

The Athlete has been sanctioned as follows:

1. Mr Zelimkhan KHADJIEV has committed a violation of Article 2.1 of the UWW ADR.
2. Mr Zelimkhan KHADJIEV is suspended for a period of Ineligibility of 4 years.
3. The period of Ineligibility starts from the date of the decision (6 July 2020), with deduction of the provisional suspension already served by the athlete as from 21 November 2019, and shall remain in full force and effect until 20 November 2023.
4. In accordance with Articles 9 and 10.8 of the UWW ADR, all the competitive results of the Athlete from 21 September 2019 until 21 November 2019 are disqualified with all the resulting consequences, including forfeiture of any medals, points and prizes.

The Athlete may appeal against this decision within twenty-one days from the date of reception of the decision.

Revised Final Standings from 2019 World Championships

1. Zaurbek SIDAKOV (RUS)
2. Frank CHAMIZO (ITA)
3. Daniyar KAISANOV (KAZ)
5. Mao OKUI (JPN)
5. Kamil RYBICKI (POL)


UWW Bans Modzmanashvili After Re-Analysis of London Sample

By United World Wrestling Press

CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY, Switzerland (November 10) -- United World Wrestling announced that Davit MODZMANASHVILI (UZB) has been banned until October 2, 2026, following the re-analysis of his sample from the 2012 London Olympics.

Modzmanashvili, who has competed for Uzbekistan since 2017, tested positive for the prohibited substance dehydrochlormethyltestosterone (oral turinabol).

Modzmanashvili claimed a silver medal in freestyle wrestling at 120kg and his removal re-shuffled the order of medalists at the 2012 London Games. Bilyal MAKHOV (RUS) became the new silver medalist and Daulet SHABANAY (KAZ) the bronze medalist.