Turkmenistan Wins 4 Gold Medals in Alysh World C'ships

By Ali Feizasa

CHOLPON-ATA, Kyrgyzstan (September 12) - The first real traces of the development of wrestling date back to the times of the Sumerians, 5,000 years ago. During ancient history, traditional wrestling styles were practiced for different reasons like body preparations for wars and battles. 

After many thousands of years, many traditional wrestling styles have remained alive. United World Wrestling supports them to preserve these historic and traditional wrestling styles.

The 2018 World Alysh Championships were held in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan, during the third World Nomad Games. 

The field included 145 traditional wrestlers from 35 countries competing in 12 weight categories.

Turkmenistan shined, winning four gold medals, which included a gold in the men's category and three in the women's category. Host Kyrgyzstan, along with Russia and Uzbekistan, captured two gold medals each. The two remaining titles went to Lithuania and Serbia.

In the men's category, Uzbekistan was the top team, with gold medals won by Mardon Kimsanoyev (60kg) and Khusdiddin Ruziev (70kg) and silver medals won by Zailobiddin Artykov (90kg) and Obidali Mavlonov (100kg). 

Russia captured two gold medals and two bronze medals. Renaz Kalimullin (90kg) and Moussa Galiamov (100kg+) were Russia's champions in the event.

In the women's category of Alysh, Turkmenistan had brilliant performance, capturing half of the gold medals. Champions included Lachyn Badagliaeva (55kg), Zuhra Madraimova (60kg) and Nasiba Surkiev (75kg).

Pahlavani wrestling is one of the traditional wrestling styles of Iran and 48 Pahlavani wrestlers from 25 countries competed in World Nomad Games in three weight categories.

Two time beach wrestling world champion Mohammad Naderi (Iran) won the match against Kurbat Azizbayev (Kyrgyzstan) by fall to earn 70kg gold medal.

Another Iranian wrestler, Omid Hassan Tabar, took the 80kg gold medal with a victory over Parchat Biachimov (Turkmenistan).

Jaber Sadeghzadeh, a junior freestyle world champion and two-time beach wrestling world champion, beat Serik Beredmurat (Mongolia) in the absolute weight category finals.

In Kazakh Kures, Kazakhstan claimed two gold medals. Mongolia wrestlers won absolute weight title. Turkmenistan won all the gold medals in Goresh style.


Men's Alysh 

GOLD- Mardon Kimsanoyev (Uzbekistan)
SILVER- Arslan Ashyrgeldiev (Turkmenistan)
BRONZE- Junyu Neifrietuo (India)
BRONZE- Aleksey Abramov (Russia)

GOLD- Khusdiddin Ruziev (Uzbekistan)
SILVER- Madaminbek Sharshenaly uulu (Kyrgyzstan)
BRONZE- Miljan Djukanovic (Serbia)
BRONZE- Rosimurat Medov (Turkmenistan)
GOLD- Esenbek Kudaiberdiyev (Kyrgyzstan)
SILVER- Kamoliddin Mahkamov (Turkmenistan) 
BRONZE- Lenar Sadykov (Russia) 
BRONZE- Aidos Kulmanbetov (Kazakhstan)

GOLD- Renaz Kalimullin (Russia)
SILVER- Zailobiddin Artykov (Uzbekistan)
BRONZE- Gylych Jumaev (Turkmenistan)
BRONZE- Saparmurat Nurmamat uulu (Kyrgyzstan)

GOLD- Seydi Batyrov (Turkmenistan)
SILVER- Obidali Mavlonov (Uzbekistan)
BRONZE- Anatoli Maldovan (Moldova) 
BRONZE- Sierik Byuretmurat (Mongolia)

GOLD- Moussa Galiamov (Russia)
SILVER- Luciano Del Rio (Argentina)
BRONZE- Kadir Kelsinbekov (Kyrgyzstan)
BRONZE- Ovezgeldi Berdyev (Turkmenistan)

Women's Alysh

GOLD- Lachyn Badagliaeva (Turkmenistan)
SILVER- Anara Ryskulova (Kyrgyzstan)
BRONZE- Sose Balasanyan (Armenia)
BRONZE- Kayipkhan Akjol (Kazakstan)

GOLD- Zuhra Madraimova (Turkmenistan)
SILVER - Meerim Momunova (Kyrgyzstan)
BRONZE- Maftuna Mahmudova (Uzbekistan) 
BRONZE- Ulzhan Dusembaeva (Kazakhstan)

GOLD- Nurzat Bakhtiyar kyzy (Kyrgyzstan)
SILVER- Arailym Kanzada (Kazakhstan)
BRONZE- Kaili Vos (Netherlands)
BRONZE- Jemal Ovlyakulyaeva (Turkmenistan)

GOLD- Renalda Gedytutyo (Lithuania)
SILVER- Perizat Shayypbekova (Kazakhstan)
BRONZE- Dilafruz Mamazhonova (Uzbekistan)
BRONZE- Elena Frolova (Russia)

GOLD- Nasiba Surkiev (Turkmenistan)
SILVER- Sandra  Likun (Poland)
BRONZE- Begzoda Khudoiberdieva (Uzbekistan)
BRONZE- Altynay Mamarasul kyzy (Kyrgyzstan)

GOLD- Svetlana Tuba Una (Serbia)
SILVER- Gozal Zutova (Azerbaijan)
BRONZE- Elene Kebadze (Georgia)
BRONZE- Nagira Sarbashova (Kyrgyzstan) 


GOLD- Mohammad Naderi (Iran)
SILVER-Kurbat Azizbayev (Kyrgyzstan)
BRONZE- Jalal Suleymanov (Azerbaijan)
BRONZE- Arslan Serhat (Turkey)

GOLD - Omid Hassan Tabar (Iran)
SILVER- Parchat Biachimov (Turkmenistan)
BRONZE- Ming Ganbaiyila (China)
BRONZE- Aivar Khasanov (Tajikistan)

GOLD- Jaber Sadeghzadeh (Iran)
SILVER- Serik Beredmurat (Mongolia)
BRONZE- Roman Bakirov (Azerbaijan)
BRONZE- Ivan Vlagoyev (Bulgaria)

Kazakh Kures

GOLD- Abilkayir MAULENIN (Kazakhstan)
SILVER- Miral Eraliev (KGZ)
BRONZE- Muhammet Gurbanov (Turkmenistan)

GOLD- Yersultan Muzapparov (Kazakhstan)
SILVER- Sarvar Ikromov (UZB)
BRONZE- Aleksandr Marmeluk (EST)
BRONZE- Andreiy Gusarov (RUS)

GOLD- Serik Beredmurat (MGL)
SILVER- Dmitrii Balyanov (RUS)
BRONZE- Nurdaulet Zhariylgapov (Kazakhstan)
BRONZE- Roman Bobikov (RUS)


GOLD- Novruz Eyeberdiyev (Turkmenistan)
SILVER- Aliaksei Abramov (RUS)
BRONZE- Evgeniy Biktashev (RUS)
BRONZE- Adilet Shalgynbekuly (Kazakhstan)

GOLD- Rejepgeldi Gylychnyyazov (Turkmenistan)
SILVER- Ruslan Tavaldiev (KGZ)
BRONZE- Igor Besleaga (MDA)
BRONZE- Guorgy Kankava (GEO)

GOLD- Arslan Ybrayymgulyyev (Turkmenistan)
SILVER- Baiyshbek Tajigul (KGZ)
BRONZE- Abylai Amandyk (Kazakhstan)
BRONZE- Cherzod Rachimov (UZB)