Russian Women Outscore Finals Opponents 25-2, Wins Trio of Day 4 Titles

By Eric Olanowski

FAENZA, Italy (June 20) – The Russian Federation capped off the fourth day of wrestling at the Cadet European Championships with women’s wrestling medals in all five weight classes, three of which were golds, and racked up an 18-2 record. Maybe more impressive, their two losses came against the eventual European champions. Russia (110 points) holds a 36-point lead over Ukraine (74 points) heading into the final day of women’s wrestling. 

Four Russian women competed in Day 4 gold-medal matches, but Amina TANDELOVA, Ekaterina GLUKHAREVA, and Olga KOZYREVA walked away as European champions. 

Angelina PERVUKHINA finished with a silver medal, while Olga REKHMETULLOVA (RUS) was able to fight back after her opening round loss to win a bronze medal. 

Amina Tandelova gave the most dominant wrestling nation in the world their first Day 4 gold medal. She picked an opening period takedown, a pair of second-period takedowns, and defeated Krystyna SOKOLOVSKA (UKR), 6-0 in the 57kg gold-medal match. 

Tandelova’s first takedown came from a high crotch in the first period, but that wasn’t her most impressive move of the period. She did a beautiful job sitting out and boot-scooting to stop a Ukrainian go behind before the first period ended and carried the 2-0 lead into the final two minutes of the match.  

In the second period, a counter-offensive go-behind and a takedown as time expired helped Tandelova improve on her runner-up finish from last year with a 6-0 shutout victory. 

Ekaterina GLUKAREVA (RUS) bullied her way past a frustrated Veronica BRASCHI (ITA), 6-0 in the 65kg finals. (Photo: Kadir Caliskan)

Russia’s second 25-point gold-medal winner was Ekaterina Glukhareva who bullied her way past a clearly frustrated Veronica BRASCHI (ITA) in the 65kg finals.

Glukhareva controlled the entire four-minute match with her left underhook, using it to pick up four stepouts and an inactivity point. Gluhareva tacked on two additional points with a defensive stop and handed Russia their second shutout win of the night. 

Olga KOZYREVA (RUS) celebrates after her 12-2 victory Jennifer ROESLER (GER) in the 73kg finals. (Photo: Kadir Caliskan)

Olga KOZYREVA (RUS) was two points away from handing Russia their third finals shutout but surrendered a takedown before ending the 73kg gold-medal match with a 12-2 victory over Jennifer ROESLER (GER).

Kozyreva kick-started the match with a snatch single and had the 2-0 lead, then tossed Roesler to her back with a four-point whip over. Kozyreva commanded the early 6-0 lead when she shot an outside double, came up to her feet and brought Roesler back down to the mat for the takedown. She started to celebrate, thinking the referees awarded four points, but instead, she was only given two points and had the 8-0 lead. 

Kozyreva gave up a takedown and carried the 8-2 lead into the final period, but it only took her 28 seconds in the second period to pick up the four points she needed to end the match. Kozyreva closed out the match with a 12-2 victory and improved on her eighth-place finish from the 2017 U15 European Championships.

The fifth day of wrestling in Faenza being tomorrow at 11:30 (local time) and can be followed live on www.unitedworldwrestling.org. 


GOLD - Aida KERYMOVA (UKR) df. Diana Tancheva PAVLOVA (BUL), via fall 
BRONZE - Ana Maria NECHIFOR (ROU) df. Anna POLLAKOVA (SVK), via fall 

GOLD - Rebekka MARCH (GER) df. Angelina PERVUKHINA (RUS), 6-1
BRONZE - Anastasiya YANOTAVA (BLR) df. Mariia TOMYSHCH (UKR), 3-2 
BRONZE - Natalia Edyta WALCZAK (POL) df. Vestina DANISEVICIUTE (LTU), 10-0

GOLD - Amina TANDELOVA (RUS) df. Krystyna SOKOLOVSKA (UKR), 6-0
BRONZE - Othelie Annette HOEIE (NOR) df. Roza SZENTTAMASI (HUN), 4-1 
BRONZE - Birgul SOLTANOVA (AZE) df. Maarja PLASER (EST), 8-2

GOLD - Ekaterina GLUKHAREVA (RUS) df. Veronica BRASCHI (ITA), 7-0 
BRONZE - Yevheniia SIEDYKH (UKR) df. Nora Luca MAJOR (HUN), 4-1 
BRONZE - Zofia POLOWCZYK (POL) df. Daniela SIRBU (MDA), 4-0 

GOLD - Olga KOZYREVA (RUS) df. Jennifer ROESLER (GER), 12-2 
BRONZE - Nazar BATIR (TUR) df. Maria Cristina ROSIORU (ROU), 8-1 
BRONZE - Julia FRIDLUND (SWE) df. Nerea IGLESIAS CAMPOS (ESP), via fall 



Russian Cadets Match Junior Squad, Sweep European Team Races

By Eric Olanowski

FAENZA, Italy (June 23) – The Cadet European Championships came to a close on Sunday night with five different nations claiming individual freestyle golds, but it was the Russian Federation who grabbed the team title to pick up their second straight continental sweep. Their junior team also won the freestyle, Greco-Roman and women's wrestling team tiles two weeks ago in Pontevedra, Spain. 

Overall, through the three cadet, junior and senior European Championships, Russia has accumulated eight out of nine team titles. They swept the cadet and junior European Championships, while also finishing with two of three team titles at the Senior European Championships. So far, Ukraine’s women’s wrestlers are the only ones to dethrone the Russians in a team race. 

In Faenza, Russia’s freestyle team capped off their run to a third team title of the week with nine medals and were ten points shy of hitting 200 points. They welcomed their 190 points from four champions, a silver medalist, and four bronze medals. 

They had a trio of Day 6 champions and grabbed their fourth freestyle gold medal of the competition when Abdulkerim ABDULAEV (RUS) demolished Davit KUTCHUASHVILI (GEO), 10-0 in the 72kg gold-medal bout to close out the tournament. 

In the finals, Abdulaev dug his toes in the mat and pushed Kutchuashvili out of bounds shortly after being awarded an inactivity point and collected the two-point advantage over the Georgian heading into the final two minutes of the match. 

In the second period, Abdulaev halted Kutchuashvili’s knee pull single off the whistle and picked up a counter-offensive spin behind. This extended his lead to 4-0. Abdulaev quickly jumped to a left-sided gut wrench then hopped over, locking up a trap arm gut wrench. The Russian ended the match with a pair of turns and won his first European title since winning gold at the 2017 U15 European Championships in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Azerbaijan finished in second place with a solo champion, a pair of runner-ups, and four bronze-medal finishers. Their lone gold medalist came on Sunday night when Sabir JAFAROV (AZE) defeated Genik ASATRYAN (ARM), 6-1 in the 60kg finals. 

Georgia ended their tournament with 140 points, which was good enough for third in the team race. Nikolozi SANTELADZE (GEO) reached the top of the podium on Sunday with a 12-5 win against Murad HAGVERDIYEV (AZE) in the 45kg finals. They also had two wrestlers fall short in the finals and had to settle for a pair of silvers, while also finishing with three bronze medalists. 


Final Freestyle Team Scores 
GOLD – Russia (190 points)
SILVER – Azerbaijan (153 points)
BRONZE – Georgia (140 points)
Fourth – Armenia (102 points)
Fifth - Ukraine (87 points)

GOLD - Nikolozi SANTELADZE (GEO) df. Murad HAGVERDIYEV (AZE), 12-5 
BRONZE - Tolga OZBEK (TUR) df. Anzor MAZHIDOV (RUS), 8-4
BRONZE - Mikita BERAZUN (BLR) df. Stefan SHTERJOV (MKD), 4-2 

GOLD - Mykyta ABRAMOV (UKR) df. Giorgi GOGRITCHIANI (GEO), 16-6 
BRONZE - Kanan HEYBATOV (AZE) df. Ilya RAHOZAU (BLR), 10-0 
BRONZE - Umar UMAROV (RUS) df. Pavel GRAUR (MDA), 8-1 

GOLD - Sabir JAFAROV (AZE) df. Genik ASATRYAN (ARM), 6-1 
BRONZE - Ayub Muratovitch MUSAEV (BEL) df. Alexandru Ioan MATEA (ROU), 10-0 

GOLD - Abdulkerim ABDULAEV (RUS) df. Davit KUTCHUASHVILI (GEO), 10-0 
BRONZE - Muhammed Halit OZMUS (TUR) df. Gabriel IGLESIAS RAMOS (ESP), 10-0 
BRONZE - Menua YARIBEKYAN (ARM) df. Lilian BALAN (MDA), 6-4 

GOLD - Lyova GEVORGYAN (ARM) df. Islam KARTOEV (RUS), 6-3 
BRONZE - Sagadulla AGAEV (AZE) df. Redjep HAJDARI (MKD), 15-2