Russia Shares Gold Medals with Turkey, Azerbaijan on Final Day of Jr World C’ships

By William May

MACON, France (4 September) – Russia won the last two freestyle events at the Junior World Wrestling Championships on Sunday and returns home with the team title, but Azerbaijan and Turkey stole some of the limelight for themselves with gold medal triumphs of their own.

Afgan KHASHALOV (AZE), a 2014 cadet world silver medalist, raced out to an 8-0 lead in the first 3:30 of the 55kg gold medal final with a slick duck-under and upper body attacks, keeping the 2014 junior world champion Khasan BADRUDINOV (RUS) off balance throughout the bout.

With a final tally of 12-5, Khashalov claimed his first title since winning the 2014 European cadet crown, while Badrudinov, a bronze medal winner last year in Brazil, reluctantly completed his set of world junior medals with the silver.

At 66kg, 2015 European junior champion Enes USLU (TUR) won his first world age-group title by overcoming an 0-4 first-period deficit to Akhmed USMANOV (RUS) with a quick single-leg takedown and another go-behind tin the second period.

Uslu, however, needed to take Usmanov down again with only seconds remaining to secure a 7-5 win before breaking into his happy dance.

Arsenali MUSALALIEV (RUS) got Russia back on the winning track, racing out of a 9-2 lead in the first period of the 84kg final with Osman GOCEN (TUR). The 2015 junior world bronze medalist secured his upgrade to gold with a knee-pick to exposure and pressing for the fall at 4:02.

In the evening’s finale, 2014 European bronze medalist Kazbek KHUBULOV (RUS) fashioned a 9-0 lead over Umar ISRAILOV (AZE) in the first two minutes of the 120kg final, but surrendered that lead over the next two minutes, appearing dazed and listless.

But with the bout spinning out of control, Khubulov found an upper-body lock and throw, whipping Israilov to his back for the fall at 4:21.

With four finalists and two gold medals, Russia ran away with the team title with seven individual medalists and 66 points, followed by Azerbaijan and Turkey with 49 and 43 points, respectively.

First-day leader Iran managed only one bronze medal on Sunday and slumped to fourth place with 37 points – one point ahead of the United States.



55kg (20 entries)
Gold – Afgan KHASHALOV (AZE) df. Khasan BADRUDINOV (RUS), 12-5

Bronze – Gulomjon ABDULLAEV (UZB) df. Takumi TASHIRO (JPN), 10-8
Bronze – Daton FIX (USA) df. Andrey YATSENKO (UKR), 10-3

Semifinals – Afgan KHASHALOV (AZE) df. Takumi TASHIRO (JPN) by TF, 11-1, 4:39 
Semifinals – Khasan BADRUDINOV (RUS) df. Andrey YATSENKO (UKR), 8-7

66kg (30 entries)
Gold – Enes USLU (TUR) df. Akhmed USMANOV (RUS), 7-5

Bronze – Orkhan ABASOV (AZE) df. Valentin SANFRATELLO (FRA), 8-4 
Bronze – Yuhi FUJINAMI (JPN) df. Vikas VIKAS (IND) by Fall, 1:22 (8-0)

Semifinals – Akhmed USMANOV (RUS) df. Orkhan ABASOV (AZE), 12-1, 5:06 
Semifinals – Enes USLU (TUR) df. Vikas VIKAS (IND) by TF, 13-3, 5:10

84kg (25 entries)
Gold – Arsenali MUSALALIEV (RUS) df. Osman GOCEN (TUR) by Fall, 4:02 (13-2)

Bronze – Dzianis KHRAMIANKOV (BLR) df. Majid MURATOV (UZB), 6-2 
Bronze – Gadzhimurad MAGOMEDSAIDOV (AZE) df. Krzysztof SADOWIK (POL), 5-0 

Semifinals – Arsenali MUSALALIEV (RUS) df. Dzianis KHRAMIANKOV (BLR) by TF, 14-4, 3:41
Semifinals – Osman GOCEN (TUR) df. Gadzhimurad MAGOMEDSAIDOV (AZE), 7-5

120kg (8 entries)
Gold – Kazbek KHUBULOV (RUS) df. Umar ISRAILOV (AZE) by Fall, 4:21 (13-10)

Bronze – Huseyin CIVELEK (TUR) df. Milahy NAGY (HUN), 4-0 
Bronze – Amir Reza AMIRI (IRI) df. Kamil KOSCIOLEK (POL), 7-2

Semifinals – Umar ISRAILOV (AZE) df. Huseyin CIVELEK (TUR), 5-2 
Semifinals – Kazbek KHUBULOV (RUS) df. Kamil KOSCIOLEK (POL), 2-0

Team Scores, Freestyle (Top six teams)

1. Russia, 66 points (2 gold medals, 2 silver, 3 bronze)
2. Azerbaijan, 49 (1-1-3)
3. Turkey, 43 (1-2-1)
4. Iran, 37 (2-1-1)
5. United States, 36 (2-0-1)
6. Georgia, 29 (0-0-2)


66 کیلوگرم: (30 شرکت کننده)

مدال طلا – انس اوسلو (ترکیه) 7 – احمد عثمان اف (روسیه) 5

مدال برنز – اورخان عباس اف (آذربایجان) 8 – والنتین سانفراتلو (فرانسه) 4

مدال برنز – یوهی فوجی نامی (ژاپن) با ضربه فنی ویکاس (هند) را شکست داد.


84 کیلوگرم: (25 شرکت کننده)

مدال طلا – آرسن علی موسی لالیف (روسیه) با ضربه فنی عثمان گوچن (ترکیه) را برد.

مدال برنز – زیانیس خرامیانکوف (بلاروس) 6 – مجید مراداف (ازبکستان) 2

مدال برنز – حاجی مراد ماگومد سعیداف (آذربایجان) 5 – کریستوف سادو ویک (لهستان) صفر


120 کیلوگرم: (8 شرکت کننده)

مدال طلا – کازبک خوبولوف (روسیه) با ضربه فنی عمر اسرائیل اف (آذربایجان) را شکست داد.

مدال برنز – حسین سیبلک (ترکیه) 4 – میهالی ناگی (مجارستان) صفر

مدال برنز – امیر رضا امیری (ایران) 7 – کامیل کویلک (لهستان) 2


رده بندی تیمی کشتی آزاد جو‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌انان جهان 2016

1. روسیه 66 امتیاز (دو طلا، دو نقره و سه برنز)

2. آذربایجان 49 امتیاز (یک طلا، یک نقره و سه برنز)

3. ترکیه 43 امتیاز (یک طلا، دو نقره و یک برنز)

4. ایران 37 امتیاز (دو طلا، یک نقره و یک برنز)

5. آمریکا 36 امتیاز (دو طلا و یک برنز)

6. گرجستان 29 امتیاز (دو برنز)