'The Educational Values of Wrestling' Seminar Held in Sofia, Bulgaria

By United World Wrestling Press

On June 10, the Bulgarian Wrestling Federation, with the support of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee and United World Wrestling, held a seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria, called "The Educational Values of Wrestling."

The seminar was attended by coaches, specialists, students of the National Sports Academy "Vasil Levski" and wrestling activists. Notable participants in the seminar included Bulgarian Wrestling Federation President Hristo Marinov, senior wrestling coach Ognyan Makaveev, world champion Mihail Ganev, two-time world champion Serafim Barzakov, Ivan Tsochev, Anton Sheytanov and Stoyan Dobrev.

Professor Pencho Ganev gave the welcome address at the seminar. Deqa Niamkey, UWW's development director, greeted the participants in the seminar, emphasizing the significance of the topic as one of the new trends in the policy of the international organization.

Mr. Tseno Tsenov, president of UWW Europe and vice president of UWW, discussed the importance of furthering efforts and explained the virtues and values of wrestling as a phenomenon in modern sports culture.

Belcho Goranov, secretary general of the NOC of Bulgaria and president of the UWW Legal and Ethical Committee, emphasized the necessity for new accents in the work of coaches in the field of ethics and education. 

Professor Lozan Mitev made a historical analysis of wrestling and its significance and place in contemporary sport culture.